47 days to replace a car door lock

In the continuing story of the car break-in.

So yesterday, 2007-11-07, finally I was able to get all the documentation and my wife (the owner of the car) to Hauswagen and we have ordered the new lock which will take an estimated 20 days to arrive. If it arrives on time, it would make 47 days since the car was broken into. Hauswagen were good and helpful but the fact remains that the whole process with Volkswagen is effectively helping thieves.

In order to make my car secure I had to seal the lock and make it completely unusable. The fox only has one side door lock and a lock on the hatch. It is possible to open the car with the radio key but the problem is that the radio key is very unreliable. Occasionally I have dropped it and the batteries move and the circuit loses power and I have to take it apart and reseat the batteries and then the key has to be "resynchronised" with the car. Easy if you have a working door lock. Climbing in through the hatch with the alarm going off is going to be interesting.

So my question still is: "why is Volkswagen policy deliberately making it easy for thieves to steal my car?"

I should say here that it would be very simple to make a lock that can't be opened by a screw driver. Why aren't these used by car companies?

Perhaps this might explain some of it: Who owns car companies?

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Anonymous said...

you should have froward your concerns to Volkswagen..and propmt them for explanation on what had happened

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.