Bluetooth headsets and digital watches

I've always liked digital watches. I remind myself of that line in Hitchhikers Guide:
"so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea"
I still do! When they make analogue watches that have the date and day of the week as well as the time I might think about getting one but by then digital watches will probably have GPS, and a full weather station. Hey now that I think about it they'll probably have internet and a heads-up display! Neat.

Anyway, I keep reading blog postings with people dissing bluetooth headsets. I like bluetooth headsets. Yeah, they're fiddly to set up and turn on etc, but I think they're cool. I especially like The one John Barrowman (Jack Harkness) wears in Torchwood. Way cool. Is it real?

So what is it about the criticism that you look crazy when you use a bluetooth headset? When I was growing up people who talked out loud while walking along the street were considered pretty crazy. Nowadays everyone does it, eh? A while ago in Sydney I saw an old man who looked like he had been sleeping rough for a while walking down the road holding something up to his ear, like anyone would a cellphone, and talking loudly. As he got closer I realised what he was holding up and apparently talking to, was a mossy old house-brick. I guess crazy people have ways of getting by too.