My letter to Volkswagen

Here is my letter to Volkswagen:
On Thursday 2007-10-11 at around 8:50PM we parked our car, a Volkswagen Fox, in Rome to attend a concert. When we returned to the car after the concert, we found the windows open and the door lock broken (probably with something like a simple screwdriver). The car had been searched but I don't believe they found anything of value.

Now anything key shaped inserted into the lock and turned causes the car to unlock and the windows to open. The alarm does not go off. Apparently this is some kind of Volkswagen "security feature".

Since then the story has only gotten worse. I took the car to a mechanic who told me that all I need to fix the lock is the set of tumblers which would be a 5 minute job to replace. But then he told me that he couldn't get a replacement lock, to get one I had to take all the documentation and the special spare key with security number to a Volkswagen dealer and the closest one was HausWagen on via del Foro Italica.

I took the documentation to Hauswagen but they said they could do nothing without the registered owner of the car being present, who is in this case my wife. They would have to write a police report although it is not clear to me whether this is at the insistence of the police or Volkswagen. He could not give me an alternative lock or anything else without my wife coming to the office. Even when all the paperwork was complete it would take 20 days to get a new lock.

So Volkswagen is insisting that we drive a car that is not secure.

If our car is damaged or stolen in the thirty or so days it takes to get a replacement lock I will consider holding Volkswagen legally liable for that damage.

At this point in time all I can say is don't buy a Volkswagen if this is their attitude to security.

The story continues here .... and finishes finally here.

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