Universal power plugs

Why do we have all these different power plugs around the world. It's a nightmare and such a hassle for travellers, importers, exporters and manufacturers.

Most plugs are reversible, you can turn the plug around and reverse active and neutral. One thing that the Australian/Chinese and the British plugs do is that they are not reversible. You can't turn the plug around and change active and neutral. In the US this doesn't matter as they have balanced 55 volts per wire I think but for all the other countries which have 220/240 volt systems with active and neutral, it should matter.
The Australian/Chinese plugs, even the two pin non-earthed ones can't be reversed. The British plugs always have earth but are big enough to fit a computer inside. Reversible plugs wouldn't pass safety standards in Australia.

There is a simple solution to the whole mess and it is already universal: C13 and C14 connectors

The advantages of these is that they are non-reversible, small, the male has a shroud that prevents wires getting behind it. Did I mention that they are small?

It really wouldn't be hard to make power outlets, and power boards with these.

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