Bluetooth headsets and digital watches

I've always liked digital watches. I remind myself of that line in Hitchhikers Guide:
"so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea"
I still do! When they make analogue watches that have the date and day of the week as well as the time I might think about getting one but by then digital watches will probably have GPS, and a full weather station. Hey now that I think about it they'll probably have internet and a heads-up display! Neat.

Anyway, I keep reading blog postings with people dissing bluetooth headsets. I like bluetooth headsets. Yeah, they're fiddly to set up and turn on etc, but I think they're cool. I especially like The one John Barrowman (Jack Harkness) wears in Torchwood. Way cool. Is it real?

So what is it about the criticism that you look crazy when you use a bluetooth headset? When I was growing up people who talked out loud while walking along the street were considered pretty crazy. Nowadays everyone does it, eh? A while ago in Sydney I saw an old man who looked like he had been sleeping rough for a while walking down the road holding something up to his ear, like anyone would a cellphone, and talking loudly. As he got closer I realised what he was holding up and apparently talking to, was a mossy old house-brick. I guess crazy people have ways of getting by too.


R4cj2 said...

i want a headset like captain jack's! they should make some :]

Unknown said...

I have seen some of the modern blue tooth handsets with having complete WiFi connectivity which can now also be linked with our Digital Watches.

Really a great thing although like some digital fake watches that i had in my cart.

Kurt Eisler said...

the bluetooth headset in the picture above was made espiecially for the torchwood show but the other bluetooth headset he uses (the blakc one that goes over his ear) is a jabra headset.. just thought u might like to know

Shuvo said...

Yeah, Technology is updating day by day. Most importantly, there are couple of brand Bluetooth device block noise too. According to me , People are looking smart while wearing Bluetooth headset as well as it is flexible too.

Kim said...

Someone posted the original Captain Jack prop, it's here made by http://www.rubbertoeprops.com/